Best Fishing Australia

Best Australian Fishing Spots

Often claimed to be one of the most relaxing activities known to man, there are some superb fishing spots in and around Australia in a number of stunning and tranquil locations. With a coastline of thousands of kilometres, many harbours, bays, lakes and rivers, Australia is an ideal place to fish. If you fancy the challenge of the big game fish, the north of the country has opportunity aplenty. If you like to outwit a trout in a river or lake, there are any number of spots to cast your fly. Or there are beaches from which you can cast into the surf not to mention rivers, harbours and bays. Australia is a fishing paradise.

And to go with its size and climate variations, Australia has a magnificent variety of species of fish. You can catch trout in the mountains, snapper from the shore, bream and whiting are common and with luck you’ll land a mighty barra – barramundi. One of the benefits of today’s technology is that you can watch films of any number of fishing activities in Australia.

There are many TV shows, DVDs and even Internet footage via such sites as YouTube. Anyone interested in fishing Down Under can check out the type of fishing, locations, boat and tackle suppliers and other things before ever casting a line.
When fishing in Australia make sure you know the rules and regulations. They can vary from state to state. Some species are endangered. There are certain times in certain places when it is illegal to fish. There are bag limits and size limits and abiding by the rules is good for the fish and the future of fishing.

Many anglers today return a caught fish even though it was taken legally. It’s called ‘catch and release’. The secret is to return the fish to the water as carefully as possible so as to give it the best chance of survival. Try some or all of the following fishing spots with their wide variety of fish.

Murray Cod are found throughout the Murray Darling basin but in declining numbers. Better results can be had in the lower reaches of the Murray in South Australia. The cod can be massive up to 4kg. Try slow moving deep water for the larger cod and shallower, faster flowing water for the smaller fish.

Port Lincoln in South Australia is a commercial fishing place and a great spot for amateurs either in Boston Bay [nearly 4 times the size of Sydney Harbour], the shore or from a jetty. While the pros head out to sea in search of tuna for fish-lovers in Japan , the amateurs can hook plenty of whiting, trevally, squid and garfish. Night fishing is popular too.

The Snowy Mountains in the south east of New South Wales have lakes and rivers which offer trout fishing from boat or shore. Lakes Eucumbene, Jindabyne and Tantangara and the Murrumbidgee, Snowy and Thredbo Rivers provide a challenge with trolling or fly fishing to catch those striking rainbow and brown trout. The hiking and the scenery are fantastic and the fishing is darn good too.

Melville Island is a 30 minute scenic flight from Darwin in the Top End of Australia. The waters around Melville Island are home to some wonderful fish and provide sport-fishing at its best. The famed barramundi, some up to a metre long, can be hooked in this part of the world. The rivers, coastal and off-shore fishing spots are pristine with many still in wilderness status. You can also catch coral trout, golden snapper, giant trevally, long tail tuna and many other species of exotic fish. The location, climate and fishing are superb.

Melbourne with its population of some 4 million people is spread almost all the way around Port Phillip Bay . The Bay itself doesn’t perhaps have the beauty and interest of Sydney Harbour but it does have some wonderful line fishing. Set out onto the Bay and enjoy a day, half a day or a few hours at night. You can fill your freezer with whiting, snapper, flathead, small shark, pinkies and more. Take a tour boat or go with a friend. The Bay is huge and the catches when the fish are biting will delight your fishing skills and your fresh fish suppers.

Marlin big-game fishing is available in different parts of Australia. Two spots from where you can launch your quest are Port Stephens north of Sydney and Cairns in far north Queensland . Obviously you need the right craft, crew and equipment and such things are not cheap. But Blue Marlin of up to 600 pounds are caught and the excitement factor is sky-high. Departing from Cairns means you have the added attraction of the Great Barrier Reef .

Cressy in Tasmania is a genuine trout town about 200 kilometres north of Hobart. Every year at the end of August the town has a trout weekend with thousands of dollars in prize money for a tagged trout competition, and a host of activities even with something for the kids.

There are cooking trout demonstrations, books, fishing and camping gear displays and sales and the whole town gets behind the mini expo. There’s a wide range of accommodation and a wide range of rivers and streams in which to catch trout. Mind you almost wherever you go in the island state you’ll find somewhere to fish for trout. Tassie is famous for its fly and lure fishing.

The picturesque Shoalhaven River is less than two hours south of Sydney. Like many Australian rivers it has suffered at the hands of development and so-called progress. But the area is superb from a scenic point of view so if you enjoy the backdrop as much as the pleasure of fishing, this area is for you. Having local knowledge helps as there are so many spots with such interesting names as Pig Island, Grants Rocks and Old Graveyard. Flathead, bream, whiting, flounder and luderick are all fished in and around the Shoalhaven.

East Gippsland in Victoria is several hours from Melbourne heading towards New Zealand. There are few people, old-growth forests and estuaries with some of the best dusky flathead you will find. Mallacoota and Tamboon Inlet are the best spots with flathead up to 4kg caught regularly with even the odd 5kg fish being landed. Be au tiful scenery, a mild climate and year round fishing is found in this south-east corner of Australia.

The Hawkesbury River is but an hour north of the Sydney CBD and is described as one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia. The tributaries of this river are places where some of the best bass fishing is found. Bec au se the tributaries are inaccessible to all but small boats, the surrounding landscape is almost as it was centuries ago. It’s difficult to know whether the scenery of the fishing gives more pleasure.

Australia is home to scores of different species of fish: the infamous black marlin, coral trout, yellowfin tuna and Spanish mackerel to name but a few.

Game fishing is for the truly adventurous who want a struggle at the end of their fishing line and catch nothing easy in their nets. The easiest way to experience game fishing is to charter a boat out to catch a black marlin; one of Australia’s most sought after fish and a catch surely warrants a celebration.

Try a half-day private fishing charter from Cairns and experience lure fishing and/or live-bait fishing. How about going trout fishing in Tasmania and casting your fly in some of the world’s most crystal clear waters surrounded by beautiful scenery? Maybe even head to Darwin to test your skills at Australia’s nationally acclaimed barramundi fishing? Now that would be a terrific catch for the evening’s meal!